Boost C++ Libraries 1.67.0

Boost++ is a collection of reusable and well-tested C++ libraries, which cover linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing. They're mostly template based for flexibility, but also encompass independent libraries.

Tags c++ libraries software-development boost
License BSL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.67.015 Apr 2018 16:05 minor feature: New Libraries: Contract, HOF. Updated Libraries: Asio, Atomic, Beast, Container Hash, Context, Core, Coroutine2, DateTime, DLL, Fiber, Filesystem, Fusion, Locale, Log, Math, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Optional, Phoenix, PolyCollection, Python, Spirit, Stacktrace, Test, TypeIndex, TypeTraits, Unordered, Units, Uuid, Utility, Variant.
1.66.019 Dec 2017 06:25 minor feature: New Libraries: Beast, CallableTraits, Mp11. Updated Libraries: Asio, Atomic, DateTime, Fiber, Format, Fusion, Geometry, Iterator, Log, Multi-index Containers, Optional, PolyCollection, Predef, Stacktrace, Thread, Utility, Uuid, Variant.
1.65.022 Aug 2017 13:45 minor feature: New Libraries: PolyCollection, Stacktrace. Updated Libraries: Asio, Context, Config, Core, Coroutine2, DLL, Fiber, Fusion, Hash, Log, Phoenix, Predef, Program Options, Python, Smart Pointers, Test, TypeIndex, Unordered, Utility, Variant.
1.64.020 Apr 2017 23:45 minor feature: New Library: Process. Updated Libraries: Any, Atomic, Config, Container, Context, Conversion, Core, Coroutine2, DLL, Fiber, Geometry, Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, LexicalCast, Math, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Predef, Program Options, Regex, Smart Pointers, Test, TypeIndex, TypeTraits, Unordered, Variant.
1.63.027 Dec 2016 15:25 minor feature: Updated Libraries: Atomic, Container, Context, Fiber, Fusion, Geometry, Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, LexicalCast, Log, Metaparse, Move, Optional, Phoenix, Python, Test, TypeIndex, Units, Unordered.
1.62.029 Sep 2016 13:25 minor feature: New Libraries: Fiber, QVM Updated Libraries: Chrono, Circular Buffer, Container, Context, Coroutine2, DLL, Functional/Forward, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Math, Phoenix, Regex, Test, Thread, TypeIndex, Unordered, Variant.
1.61.014 May 2016 03:25 minor feature: New Libraries: Compute, DLL, Hana, Metaparse. Updated Libraries: Any, Container, Context, Coroutine, Coroutine2, Fusion, Geometry, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Move, Optional, Test, Variant.
1.60.018 Dec 2015 06:45 minor feature: New Libraries: VMD Updated Libraries: Atomic, Chrono, Container, Context, Core, Filesystem, Flyweight, Fusion, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Locale, Log, Move, Multi-index Containers, odeint, Optional, Predef, Test, Thread, UUID.
1.59.014 Aug 2015 20:05 minor feature: New Libraries: Convert, Coroutine2. Updated Libraries: Container, Context, Coroutine, Fusion, Geometry, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Move, Multi-index Containers, Predef, Program Options, Test, TypeIndex, Variant.
1.58.018 Apr 2015 08:05 minor feature: New Libraries: Endian, Sort. Updated Libraries: Asio, Chrono, Container, Context, Conversion, DateTime, Flyweight, Function, Functional/Factory, Fusion, Geometry, Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Math, Move, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Optional, Phoenix, Predef, Random, Thread, TypeErasure, TypeIndex, Units, Unordered, Variant.
1.57.004 Nov 2014 03:18 minor feature: Updated Libraries: Any, Asio, Circular Buffer, Config, Container, Coroutine, Flyweight, Geometry, Interprocess, Intrusive, Iterator, Lexical Cast, Math, Move, MultiArray, Multiprecision, Multi-Index Containers, Preprocessor, Thread, TypeIndex, TypeTraits, Units, Unordered, Utility, uBLAS.
1.56.007 Aug 2014 21:16 major feature: New libraries: Align, TypeIndex. New modules from existing code: Assert, Core, Lexical_Cast, Throw_Exception. Updated libraries: Accumulators, Any, Asio, Assign, Atomic, Circular Buffer, Concept Check, Container, Context, Coroutine, Dynamic Bitset, Chrono, Flyweight, Fusion, Geometry, Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, Log, Math, Move, MPL, MultiArray, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Odeint, Optional, Predef, Preprocessor, Program Options, Regex, Smart Pointers, Thread, TTI, Unordered, Utility, UUID, Variant. Deprecated Libraries: TR1