Dibuja 0.8.0

Paint program like MSPaint or Mac Paintbrush, but for Linux. 1. Features - Drawing tools Lines Arrows Rectangles Ellipses Pencil Text Brushes Flood fill Rounded rectangles Polygon (closed polygonal chain) Curves Selection - Selection (rectangular only) Crop to selection Use selection as brush - Undo/Redo - Zoom in/out - Effects (uses gegl) Grayscale Invert Insta Brannan (Instagram like effect) Insta 1977 (Instagram like effect) Brightness/contrast Gauss blur Posterize Threshold Vignette Pixelize Others can be added, see effects.c - Editable color palette - Image Copy / Paste Flip horz/vert Rotate Custom rotate Resize Scale Paste from file Desktop capture - Antialiasing - File Formats Whatever gdk pixbuf loaders you have installed

Tags paint drawing image editor light raster-based editor gegl cairo
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.8.030 Mar 2018 00:18 major bugfix: - Fix set title on fx dialog - Fix invert not appearing in menu - Enable saving user entered zoom values - Added emboss effect - Read/write exiv data - Write/read some settings from/to config file - Fixed typo in data/desktop.spec.in. Fixes bug #1749759 - Make gegl-0.3 default gegl - Added German translation
0.6.008 Jan 2018 00:29 major bugfix: - Fixed problem when changing tool from image brush and back. - Allow restoration of default image brush - Enable showing of selection size when selecting, and after selection created in statusbar - Added print page setup dialog - Change "New At Size" dialog to use pixels, inches cm. - Modifed how numbers are displayed in that same dlg - Feature: Add meme style text to images
0.4.002 Apr 2017 13:23 major bugfix: - Fix problems with newer gegl versions. - Allow positioning of resized image. - Under the hood fixes. - Other fixes
0.2.111 Jun 2016 12:48 minor feature: