Flameshot 0.8.0

Features Customizable appearance. Easy to use. In-app screenshot edition. DBus interface. Upload to Imgur.

Tags screencapture
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

0.8.020 Sep 2020 08:05 minor feature: Wayland support is experimental. In generic packages (Snap, Flatpak, AppImage) there may be extra with Wayland. In generic packages(Snap, Flatpak, AppImage) due to confinement "Open With External Application" does not work. If "after capture" is enabled, and a user copies the image to clipboard, the image may not actually be in the clipboard. We recommend using the "Save" feature with after capture. capture after pressing ctrl + S during textarea input. Add translation: Japanese Brazilian Portuguese Serbian Dutch Ukrainian German Slovak Basque Czech Swedish Italian Korean Dutch . Japanese. Brazilian Portuguese. Serbian. Dutch. Ukrainian. German. Slovak. Basque. Czech. Swedish. Italian. Korean. Dutch. Allow enter key to copy image to clipboard. side panel: Add thickness slider. Add support for saving as JPG and BMP files. Allow 45 degree adjustment for some tools. Add option to after capture (WARNING: this function is gy! It may not work well if you are going to copy the image to clipboard! If you encounter problems related to clipboard, please disable this feature in the configuration and try again. This is a known, see #557 and #569.). Add a basic launcher panel. Add option to auto copy URL after upload. Add a circle counter tool. Replace the blur tool with pixelate tool. Convert buildsystem from QMake to CMake. Add launcher action into.desktop file. Added Generic Packages (Snap, Flatpak, AppImage). Improved Windows support. Exit non-zero when aborting with --raw. Enable Pin and Text tool by default. the problem that moving or resizing does not affect screenshot. problem with re-enabling disabled tray icon. compilation problem against Qt 5.15.
0.8.0.rc115 Sep 2020 06:25 minor feature: Allow systray customization with themes. Use "flameshot-tray" as the name of the icon. Unification of the desktop file with actions. Notification when screenshots are saved in the clipboard. Use datetime as default name for pics. Undo/Redo with Ctrl+z and Ctrl+Shift+z. Add "Take Screenshot" option as menu item in the systray. Add Side-Panel (open it with Space). Add autostart to config flags. Add Pin tool. Filename: replace colons with dashes. Add Text tool. Delete Imgur image button after uploading it from the preview window. Capture single screen: flameshot screen (capture the screen containing the mouse) and flameshot screen -n 1 (capture the first screen). Store settings colors in hexadecimal format. flameshot full -c shouldn't block the desktop. Now you can overwrite exported configuration with the same name as a previous exports. flameshot --raw wait time with delay. negative selection geometry. Improved hidpi support with some.