Git LFS 2.13.0

Git Large File Storage (LFS) replaces large files such as audio samples, videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while storing the file contents on a remote server like or GitHub Enterprise.

Tags git
License MITL
State mature

Recent Releases

2.13.011 Dec 2020 03:25 major feature: (10 Dec 2020). This release introduces several new features, such as the `--above` option to. `git lfs migrate import` and support for `socks5h` proxies. In addition, many. Have been and several miscellaneous have been included. Unless someone steps up to and maintain NTLM support, this will be the last. Git LFS release to support NTLM. See #4247 for more details. Note that Git LFS Supports Kerberos as well, which is far more secure and may be a viable Replacement in many situations. We would like to extend a special thanks to the following open-source. Contributors: @EliRibble for adding support for the `--above` option to `git lfs migrate import`. @andrewshadura for adding support for the `GIT_LFS_SKIP_PUSH` environment variable. @sinbad for ing problems with retaining objects used by stashes. @tklauser for cleaning up our use of error constants in the code. Features: Add --above parameter to 'migrate import'. #4276. Add GIT_LFS_SKIP_PUSH to allow skipping the pre-push hook #4202. Lfshttp: add support for socks5h proxies #4259. Add manual pages to release assets #4230. Honor GIT_WORK_TREE #4269. : Make git lfs migrate import handle missing extensions #4318. fs: don't panic when using a too-short object ID to push #4307. Pattern matching for.gitattributes #4301. Config: map missing port to default for HTTP key lookups #4282. Tools: use IoctlFileClone from #4261. Tools/util_darwin.go: Remove use of direct syscalls #4251. Tools: always force a UTF-8 locale for cygpath #4231. Prune: deleting objects referred to by stashes #4209. Misc: Migrate import: warn about refs on case insensitive file systems #4332. Drop obsolete OS support #4328. Tools: use ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION const from #4291. Pull: gracefully handle merge conflicts #4289. Script/upload: avoid using Ruby's URI.escape #4266. Add documentation of security report process #4244.
2.12.003 Sep 2020 00:45 major feature: (1 Sep 2020). This release introduces several new features, such as support for the SHA-256. Repositories coming in a future version of Git, restored support for Go 1.11, The ability to read the contents of.lfsconfig from the repository, signed and Notarized binaries on macOS, and pre-built 32-bit ARM binaries on Linux. In Addition, several have been and miscellaneous included. Note that macOS releases are now shipped as zip files, not tarballs, since it is. Not possible to notarize tarballs. macOS releases are now also built on macOS, so `git lfs dedup` should now function. We would like to extend a special thanks to the following open-source. Contributors: @saracen for adding support for ARM binaries. @mversluys for improving locking support. @cccfeng for updating our documentation to make it more readable. @bluekeyes for improving performance and tracing. @gertcuykens for adding missing parts of our documentation. Features: Config: optionally read.lfsconfig from the repository #4200. Support SHA-256 repositories #4186. Allow Go 1.11 builds by using WaitStatus.ExitStatus() #4183. Add --worktree option to install and uninstall commands #4159. Sign and notarize binaries on macOS #4143. Makefile: add linux arm build and release targets #4126. Allow locking and unlocking non-existent files #3992. : Docs/api/locking: add an explicit #4208. Hang when the user lacks permissions #4207. Don't mark unlocked files that aren't lockable as read-only #4171. Locking: make patterns with slashes work on Windows #4139. Git: consider full refspec when determining seen refs #4133. Misc: Windows CI #4199. Testsuite when working with non-master default branch #4174. Git: improve performance of remote ref listing #4176. Subprocess: trace all command execution #4175. Update git-lfs-migrate.1.ronn #3869. t: use repo v1 with extensions #4177. Makefile: ensure temp Go modules can be deleted #4157. Improve test suite robustness via environment #