gradle 6.7.1

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool focused on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

Tags build-tool c c++ groovy java kotlin
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

6.7.118 Nov 2020 12:03 minor feature: This is a patch release for Gradle 6.7. This fixes several critical bugs in Gradle 6.7. All issues fixed in this patch release: We recommend that you use Gradle 6.7.1 over the initial release of Gradle 6.7.
6.714 Oct 2020 18:20 major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 6.7. This release continues on the series of performance improvements, particularly for incremental builds. File system watching introduced in Gradle 6.5 is now ready for production use. You can expect up to 20 build speed improvements in large projects after turning this feature on. Additionally, the experimental configuration cache has been improved to make troubleshooting easier for early adopters. This release introduces Java toolchain support that makes it much easier to build JVM projects using a different version of Java than the one Gradle is running on. Starting with this release, Gradle itself can also run on Java 15. New dependency management features in this release include support for compile only API dependencies, the ability to ignore selected dependencies in dependency locking and version ranges in repository content filtering. This release also includes several general improvements including improved gradle init task, better documentation and new samples.
6.6.125 Aug 2020 19:14 minor bugfix: This is a patch release for Gradle 6.6. This fixes several critical bugs in Gradle 6.6. We recommend that you use Gradle 6.6.1 over the initial release of Gradle 6.6.
6.611 Aug 2020 08:56 major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 6.6. This release introduces a major performance optimization as an experimental opt-in. Configuration caching allows Gradle to skip the configuration phase of the build and start executing tasks as soon as possible. Other improvements in this release include conventions for handling user-provided credentials, support for Java compilation --release flag, and a number of other improvements and bug fixes.
6.5.101 Jul 2020 09:13 minor bugfix: This is a patch release for Gradle 6.5. This fixes several critical bugs in Gradle 6.5: Regression: Gradle 6.5 cached builds cause IllegalStateException #13367 Regression: Compile classpath configuration is not deterministic #13555 Regression: Class cast exception when GStrings are used with System.getProperty #13569 And a number of dependency graph resolution errors (#13251, #13316, #13329, #13551) All issues fixed in this patch release We recommend that you use Gradle 6.5.1 over the initial release of Gradle 6.5.
6.506 Jun 2020 15:28 major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 6.5. This release includes an experimental opt-in for the file-system watching feature that significantly improves build times, particularly in incremental scenarios. This is the first in a series of major improvements in the area planned over the course of several upcoming releases. There are also several other improvements including a better version ordering, new samples and many bug fixes. This release also contains an important security fix for builds that sign artifacts.
5.3.101 Apr 2019 07:39 major feature: This bug-fix release contains several changes to Gradle 5.3, notably: Unable to use java-platform and maven-publish in multi-project: #8845 Unexpected exception when adding a plugin on buildSrc compile classpath: gradle/kotlin-dsl#1363 We recommend that you use Gradle 5.3.1 over 5.3.
5.2.126 Feb 2019 09:59 major feature: This bug-fix release contains several changes to Gradle 5.2, notably: Checkstyle issues with a single source file: #8394 BOM support conflicts: #8420 We recommend that you use Gradle 5.2.1 over 5.2.
5.1.111 Jan 2019 13:36 major feature: This bug-fix release contains several changes to Gradle 5.1, notably: A daemon memory leak affecting all projects #8142 Incremental Java compilation #8194 A fix to Gradle's generated Javadoc in 5.1 #8183 We recommend that you use Gradle 5.1.1 over 5.1.
5.001 Dec 2018 20:52 major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 5.0. This release features a production-ready Kotlin DSL, dependency version alignment (similar to and usable with Maven BOMs), task timeouts, Java 11 support, and more.
4.10.115 Sep 2018 18:28 major feature: This bug-fix release addresses 6 regressions in Gradle 4.10: #6656: FileTreeElement.getPath() returns absolute system dependent filepath. #6592: Up-to-date checks for missing files can be incorrect #6612: Gradle fails when no incremental compile snapshot data available. #6582: Gradle 4.10 incorrect ordering between dependencies of dependent tasks. #6558: tasks.withType( fails on multi-project builds. #6653: Double deprecation message when using publishing plugin. In addition, the Gradle Kotlin DSL has been updated to 1.0 RC6, see the release notes for the list of included fixes.
4.1001 Sep 2018 20:29 major feature: First and foremost, this release of Gradle features an improved incremental Java compiler, now enabled by default. This will result in significantly reduced Java compilation time in subsequent builds when outputs are not up-to-date or resolved from the build cache. Chances are caches in those .gradle/ directories have accumulated a few (or a few dozen) gigabytes over time. If so, you'll be relieved to know that Gradle will now periodically clean up unused /caches under GRADLE_USER_HOME and project root directories. A moment you have anticipated is nearly here, as the Kotlin DSL reaches version 1.0 RC3. Configuration avoidance, buildSrc refactoring propagation to the IDE, and lots of DSL polish make this the release to try. Gradle Kotlin DSL 1.0 will ship with the next version of Gradle, 5.0. Read this blog post for guidance on trying the Kotlin DSL and submitting feedback. You can now use SNAPSHOT plugin versions with the plugins and pluginManagement blocks. This is especially good news for Kotlin DSL users, who will get code assistance and auto-completion for these SNAPSHOT plugins. Special thanks to S├ębastien Deleuze for contributing. Last but not least, included builds can now be nested. This makes some common workflows more convenient, such as working on multiple source repositories at the same time to implement a cross-cutting feature.
4.903 Aug 2018 06:39 major feature: #5772 - Build operations for task registration/creation are emitted by default #5771 - Gradle 4.8+ fails with NotSerializableException on Intellij IDEA project import #5750 - Default "**/*.java" include filter added to Java compilation tasks in Gradle 4.8 #5724 - Gradle Includes Vulnerable XercesImpl Jar. Upgrade when patched version available on Maven Central. #5714 - Do not compile or execute a build script when there is a failure building the build script classpath #5646 - Creating a task inside configureEach causes CME #5638 - Remove @Incubating annotations from publishing types #5583 - Project configuration build operations are no longer nested #5565 - Enable injection of RepositoryResourceAccessor in ComponentMetadataRule #5541 - Reduce memory used in FileUtils#calculateRoots #5526 - Add caching support to ComponentMetadataRule #5505 - gradle distribution depends on jackson-databind version 2.8.11 which has insecure deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2018-5968) #5473 - Allow an included build to use file collection dependencies #5379 - Broken link in docs despite looking correct in adoc #5311 - Introduce Publishing chapter in User Guide #5305 - TestWorker fails to catch SecurityException when calling System.setSecurityManager #5278 - ClassCastException when generating Eclipse files for Gradle #5207 - Why do javadoc tasks of depending projects depend on each other? #5091 - Removing project .gradle directory disproportionately degrades buildSrc performance #4960 - Recompile instead of failing when annotation processors violate the incremental contract #4895 - Included build failure does not break the build #4506 - Gradle Test Kit functional tests fail in an unrecoverable way #4370 - Composite build failures are reported incorrectly for dependency on different subprojects of an included build #3490 - A failure in an included build should be reported at the end of logging output #1743 - The application plugin's "ru