GStreamer 1.15.1

GStreamer is a streaming media framework that allows the construction of graphs of elements which operate on media data. Applications using this library can do anything from real-time sound processing over playing video to capturing audio, video, and even other types of media data. Its architecture allows for adding new data types or processing capabilities simply by installing new plug-ins. GStreamer is the core module, containing libraries, headers, the basic object hierarchy, and a set of media-agnostic core elements.

Tags multimedia software-development libraries
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.15.121 Jan 2019 12:00 minor feature:
1.10.118 Nov 2016 15:28 major bugfix: The first 1.10 bug-fix release (1.10.1) was released on 17 November 2016. This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to update from 1.10.x. Major bugfixes in 1.10.1 Security-relevant bugfix in the vmnc decoder (no CVE) Various bugfixes to playbin3/decodebin3 Fix error at the end of playing any WAV file Fix usability of androidmedia plugin if the camera or sensor API is not available, but codecs are Handle redirections on PLAY, and missing control attribute in the RTSP source Various OpenGL related bugfixes ... and many, many more!
1.4.128 Aug 2014 23:42 major feature: Many bug fixes were applied to the current stable 1.4.x branch. * funnel: storing sticky events after event callback. * poll: WAKE_EVENT() reports false negatives on W32. * gstbufferpool::default_alloc_buffer does not fail if buffer allocation fails. * queue: race when receiving flush-stop event during shutdown, task gets re-started. * Add allow-none annotation for gst_bin_new(). * basetextoverlay: Simple pipeline with textoverlay and fakesink fails to negotiate. * uridecodebin: Does not set the dec- source uri when an error occurred with a first uri and we set a new one in READY state. * playsinkconvertbin: returns true from accept caps but rejects it later. * playsinkconvertbin: only intersect with the filter at the end. * videomixer: Unexpected behaviour when scaling after the mixer. * ximagesrc: Use after free. * interleave: caps negotiation fails when input caps have non-interleaved layout. * rtph263ppay: Unref pad template caps after use. * rtpmux: Unref pad template caps after usage. * videomixer: Unref allowed caps after usage. * imagefreeze: Unref pad template caps after usage. * navseek: Unref peer pad after usage. * shapewipe: Unref caps and element after usage. * videomixer: Avoid double free of videoconvert.