Jenkins 2.274

Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.

Tags ci
License MITL
State mature

Recent Releases

2.27408 Jan 2021 09:25 minor feature: Ignore jakarta.mail upgrades with dependabot @timja. JENKINS-58101 - Cache blockage reasons when considering parked executors @res0nance. JENKINS-64439 - "positive-number" field validator accepts non valid java numbers @benebsiny. Bump actions/upload-artifact from v2.2.1 to v2.2.2 @dependabot. Bump jnr-posix from 3.0.45 to 3.1.4 @dependabot. Bump jna from 5.3.1 to 5.6.0 @dependabot.
2.27331 Dec 2020 13:45 minor feature: JENKINS-63833 - Make the groovy script source customizable @PierreBtz. JENKINS-64483 - Hide collapse link if it isn't possible @daniel-beck. Update stapler to 1.262 @timja. JENKINS-64504 - stuck plugin manager buttons @fqueiruga. Bump release-drafter/release-drafter from v5.12.1 to v5.13.0 @dependabot.
2.27223 Dec 2020 10:45 minor feature: Remove support for queue.txt format @oleg-nenashev. Removed admin monitor related to ZFS @jglick. Replaced deprecated Configuration with SystemProperties @StefanSpieker. Remove support for queue.txt format @oleg-nenashev. Winstone 5.13: Update Eclipse Jetty from 9.4.33.v20201020 to 9.4.35.v20201120 @oleg-nenashev. Removed admin monitor related to ZFS @jglick. JENKINS-64465 - race condition on HudsonFilter#reset @amuniz. JENKINS-64445 - null safety for plugin categories @oleg-nenashev. Ignore is a list for dependabot @timja. Bump xstream from 1.4.14 to 1.4.15 @dependabot.
2.27009 Dec 2020 07:05 minor feature: