KDE Frameworks 5.8.0

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt. They provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality, in particular by the KDE desktop.

Tags c++ qt5 libraries extensions plugins
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.8.014 Mar 2015 13:25 major feature: New frameworks: KPeople, provides access to all contacts and the people who hold them KXmlRpcClient, interaction with XMLRPC services. General: A number of build fixes for compiling with the upcoming Qt 5.5. KActivities: Resources scoring service is now finalized. KArchive: Stop failing on ZIP files with redundant data descriptors. KCMUtils: Restore KCModule::setAuthAction. KPluginMetadata: add support for Hidden key. KDeclarative: Prefer exposing lists to QML with QJsonArray. Handle non default devicePixelRatios in images. Expose hasUrls in DeclarativeMimeData. Allow users to configure how many horizontal lines are drawn. KDocTools: Fix the build on MacOSX when using Homebrew. Better styling of media objects (images, ...) in documentation. Encode invalid chars in paths used in XML DTDs, avoiding errors. KGlobalAccel: Activation timestamp set as dynamic property on triggered QAction. KIconThemes: Fix QIcon::fromTheme(xxx, someFallback) would not return the fallback. KImageFormats: Make PSD image reader endianess-agnostic. KIO: Deprecate UDSEntry::listFields and add the UDSEntry::fields method which returns a QVector without costly conversion. Sync bookmarkmanager only if change was by this process. Fix startup of kssld5 dbus service. Implement quota-used-bytes and quota-available-bytes from RFC 4331 to enable free space information in http ioslave. KNotifications: Delay the audio init until actually needed. Fix notification config not applying instantly. Fix audio notifications stopping after first file played. KNotifyConfig: Add optional dependency on QtSpeech to reenable speaking notifications. KPluginInfo: support stringlists as properties. KTextEditor: Add word count statistics in statusbar vimode: fix crash when removing last line in Visual Line mode. KWidgetsAddons: Make KRatingWidget cope with devicePixelRatio. KWindowSystem: KSelectionWatcher and KSelectionOwner can be used without depending on QX11Info. KXMessages can be used without depending on QX11Info.
5.4.007 Nov 2014 21:25 minor feature: Attica: Fix build with Qt 5.4. KArchive: Add support for rcc files. KAuth: Fix install dir when using KDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS. KCMUtils: Fix KPluginSelector not adding non .desktop file plugins. KConfigWidgets: Fix URL in KHelpClient::invokeHelp. KCoreAddons: Various build fixes (QNX, Ubuntu 14.04). KDeclarative: Optimize IconItem in QIconItem in memory and speed. KIO: New job KIO::mkpath(). New job KIO::PasteJob, handles pasting+dropping URLs and data; KIO::paste replaces KIO::pasteClipboard. New function KIO::pasteActionText, to handle the paste action. When clicking on a script or desktop file in a file manager, let the user choose between executing and vieweing as text. KUrlRequester: fixing handling of start directory. Offer also overwrite option when copying multiple files and there is a conflict (regression compared to kdelibs4). KDirLister: do not kill+restart running update jobs. KDirLister: don't emit refreshItems for items that haven't changed. Prevent incorrect disk full error messages on mounts where we cannot determine the amount of free space. Fix running the file type editor. KNewStuff: Many small fixes and cleanups. KNotifications: Add support for custom icons (convenience method KNotification::Event with icon name). KTextEditor: Implement "go to last editing position" action. Guard against a possibly broken code folding state on disk KWallet. Emit 'walletListDirty' signal when the 'kwalletd' directory is deleted KWidgetsAddons. New function KMimeTypeEditor::editMimeType(), to launch keditfiletype5. KXmlGui: Now supports finding ui files in resources (default location: :/kxmlgui5/). Plasma frameworks: Fixes in the Dialog QML component size and position. fixes in the Slider and ProgressBar QML components. new icons. Buildsystem changes: New modules FindWaylandScanner and FindQtWaylandScanner, including macros ecm_add_qtwayland_client_protocol and ecm_add_qtwayland_server_protocol. Frameworkintegration: implement support for setting custom labels
5.3.007 Oct 2014 17:44 major feature: KActivities: Added DBus interface to load plugins at runtime. KArchive: Add convenience method KArchive::file(). Compilation fixes for MSVC. KBookmarks: Fix encoding issue in KIO places dialog. KCMUtils: Fix initial size of KCMultiDialog. KCompletion: Fixed size hint and positioning of clear button in highDpi mode. KConfig: KConfigLoader: fix sharing of KSharedConfig objects. KConfigWidgets: Now provides the kf5_entry.desktop files it needs for KLanguageButton. KCoreAddons: Kdelibs4Migration: allow distributions to set KDE4_DEFAULT_HOME_POSTFIX so that the kde4 home is found properly. Compilation fixes for MSVC and gcc 4.5. Turn KFormat into a Q_GADGET so we can expose its properties to QML indirectly. KEmoticons: Add unicode characters to Glass emoticon theme. KGuiAddons: Make KFontUtils::adaptFontSize be a bit more exact. KI18n: Remove leftover Perl dependency. KIO: Now includes kio_trash . Add new KIO job, KIO::fileSystemFreeSpace, that allows you to get a filesystem's total and available space. kshorturifilter: Remove redundant forward slashes from the beginning of an URI. Add searchprovider definitions for the qwant search engine. File dialog: fix relative paths being turned into HTTP URLs. Fix thumbnails for mimetype groups. KJS: Implement Math.Clz32. U+0000 through U+001F is not allowed as char, but as escaped unicode sequence. KNotifications: Avoid infinite recursion in KStatusNotifierItem / QSystemTray. KService: Many many fixes to KPluginInfo. Add functions to convert between lists KPluginMetaData and KPluginInfo. KTextEditor: Multiple memory leaks fixed. Avoid auto-completion to interfere with search/replace text (bug 339130), and more autocompletion fixes. Many fixes to the VIM mode. KWidgetAddons: KPageListView: fixes for high-dpi mode. KPageWidget: margin fixes. KWindowSystem: NETWinInfo now provides convenient wrapper for WM_PROTOCOLS. NETWinInfo now provides convenient wrapper for input and urgency hin
5.2.014 Sep 2014 00:37 major feature: KActivities reimplementation of the file item plugin for linking files to activities KArchive fix handling of uncompressed files KConfigWidgets fix missing default shortcuts for standard actions, leading to many runtime warnings better support for QGroupBox in KConfigDialogManager KCoreAddons Mark KAboutData::setProgramIconName() as deprecated, it did not do anything. Use QApplication::setWindowIcon(QIcon::fromTheme("...")) instead. new classes Kdelibs4ConfigMigrator and KPluginMetaData KDeclarative added org.kde.kio component. KImageFormats disable the DDS and JPEG-2000 plugins when Qt version is 5.3 or later KIO now follows the mime-apps spec, for better interoperability with gio when it comes to the user's preferred and default apps. new classes EmptyTrashJob and RestoreJob. new functions isClipboardDataCut and setClipboardDataCut. KNewStuff installing "stuff" works again (porting bug) KWidgetsAddons new class KColumnResizer (makes it easy to vertically align widgets across groups) KWindowSystem New method KWindowSystem::setOnActivities KXmlGui KActionCollection::setDefaultShortcuts now makes the shortcut active too, to simplify application code. Threadweaver The maximum worker count will now decrease if a lower value is set after workers have been created. Previously, workers would remain active once they have been created. Examples from the previous ThreadWeaverDemos Github repository are being merged into the KF5 ThreadWeaver repo. The maximum worker count can now be set to zero (the previous minimum was 1). Doing so will effectively halt processing in the queue. Documentation of various aspects of ThreadWeaver use is becoming part of the KDE Frameworks Cookbook. Parts of it is located in the examples/ directory. Buildsystem changes Support for relative libexec dir. Frameworkintegration the file dialog now remembers its size correctly, and works better with remote URLs.