Mixxx 1.12.0-beta1

Mixxx is an audio mixing / turntable software for DJs. It provides a dual-deck interface, easy drag and drop. It's GUI has various wave transformation controls, beat and cue points, and full waveform previews, vinyl emulation, sample stretching, single click looping, quad sampler decks, MIDI controls. It also helps organazing playlists, with BPM detection, an auto DJ feature, recording, replaygain normalization, and even ICY broadcasting.

Tags c++ qt audio playback mixing auto-dj
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

1.12.0-beta129 Apr 2015 18:30 major feature: Some of the new features include: 4 Decks with Master Sync. New Effects Framework with 4 Effect Units and 5 Built-in Effects: Flanger, Bit Crusher, Reverb, Echo, Filter. Configurable, Resizeable User Interface with 3 Brand New Skins. Cover Art Display. Music Key Detection and Shifting. Vinyl Audio Pass-Through. 4 Microphone inputs and 4 Auxiliary inputs. MIDI Mapping GUI and Improved Learning Wizard. RGB Musical Waveforms. Hundreds of Bug Fixes and Improvements. New Pitch-Independent Algorithm for Better-Sounding Key-lock.