MythTV 29.1

MythTV is a Free Open Source software digital video recorder (DVR) project distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Tags dvr mythtv myth video recorder
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

29.102 Feb 2018 15:05 minor feature: Add a "pre-fail" system event. This triggers 2/3 of the way to the "f . Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session. . Quick for windows MSVC build. . Add a SEARCH button to the MythTV Startup window. . Somehow missed a return in af199e7 . . Bus Error in mythpreviewgen on Raspberry Pi. . VBOX: Add multi-record support to the vbox recorder. . add another header for msvc after d4c0f13. . Doxygen Project Number Setting, was 0.28pre, chg to master. . Merge branch 'master' of into mythtv-master. . typo in table refactor in 36e946d. . Move libmythnvctrl to external/libXNVCtrl, and update references. . Support for IPV6 link-local addresses. . Apparently d82629a results in poor perfomance on very slow frontends. . Apparently d82629a results in poor perfomance on very slow frontends. . Qt5.8 Explicitly use a QChar in the comparison. a build failure. . Extend the timeout from 34ad18e to 60 seconds. With it at 10 seconds. . typo CDROM try - tray. . add missing ampersand after e80371b. . typo while here. . occasional segfault when canceling startup page. . EIT Additional Freesat mplexes to. GuideGrid::fillChannelInfos: Use LoadChannels(). . Make sure we get a valid channel when starting up LiveTV. . ChannelBase::GetChanID() : Prefer a visible channel. . Support ipv6 link-local addresses for soap client. . Improve fromXMLTVDate processing for mythfilldatabase. . Validate the programme starttime/channel early. . ServicesAPI: add the genre list to the output from Video/GetVideoList. . ServicesAPI: missed a last minute change in ab1c3e8. . OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "expli . . swap FD_CLR and around to make cppcheck happy. . help cppcheck with the integer types. . asistreamhandler: typo reported by Karl Dietz. . Revert "Make sure we get a valid channel when starting up LiveTV.". . IPTV Tuner: recording/playing simultaneous RTSP streams. . MythArchive: update
0.28.011 Apr 2016 21:57 major feature: Major UPnP overhaul The UPnP code has seen major changes, improved browsing modes, more metadata, artwork for all media, strict UPnP (2014) and DLNA compliance and support for additional UPnP features. (Note: Client support for additional metadata varies. Client behaviour depends on UPnP compliance.) The cardinput table is no longer used, data has moved to capturecard MythMusic now uses storage groups you just have to tell the master or a slave backend where your music is located and all frontends will have access to it (no need to mount it using NFS or Cifs). MythMusic Lyrics View MythMusic can now search for the lyrics for the currently playing track.