OpenBGPD 6.8p1

OpenBGPD is a free implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Version 4. It allows ordinary machines to be used as routers exchanging routes with other systems speaking the BGP protocol. The portable version (e.g. for Linux) does not have the means to influence kernel routing tables. It is only suitable for route servers/collectors.

Tags openbgpd bgp routing
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

6.8p105 Nov 2020 23:51 major bugfix: Include OpenBSD 6.8 errata 001: In bgpd, the roa-set parser could leak memory.
6.8p020 Oct 2020 21:35 major feature: In bgpctl(8), the 'reload' command now takes a 'reason' argument to use as Administrative Shutdown Communication to its neighbors. Added bgpctl(8) support for VPNv6 in the family option of the 'show rib' command. Added bgpctl(8) support for JSON formatted output in various 'show' commands. Support to build OpenBGPD on Alpine Linux added.