OpenMPTCProuter 0.56

OpenMPTCProuter is a solution to aggregate and encrypt (and can obfuscate) multiple internet connections and terminates it over any VPS which make clients benefit security, reliability, net neutrality, as well as dedicated public IP. The aggregation is based on Multipath TCP (MPTCP), which is ISP, WAN type, and latency independent "whether it was Fiber, VDSL, SHDSL, ADSL or even 4G", different scenarios can be configured to have either aggregation or failover based on MPTCP. Aggregation via Multi-link VPN (MLVPN) and Glorytun UDP with multipath support are also supported. The solution takes advantage of the OpenWRT system, which is user friendly and also adds the possibility of installing other packages like VPN, QoS, routing protocols, monitoring, etc. through web-interface or terminal.

Tags operating-system networking firewalls linux lua
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.5627 Oct 2020 10:20 minor feature: * V2Ray support * Domain support as VPS address * NanoPi R2S official support * Improvement on LTE dongle * Kernel and packages update * Dashboard with VPS info * omr-test-speed with multiples locations servers * Enable/disable rules in omr-bypass * More complete LAN/WAN settings in wizard * Many fixes
0.55.326 Aug 2020 03:45 minor feature: Bpi-r2 kernel . Back to a previous config for bpi-r2 kernel without wifi. . Add smsc75xx driver support. . Merge.
0.55.119 Aug 2020 10:10 minor feature: * Fix open TCP and UDP port on server firewall * Add german translation * Fix IPv6 aggregation * Remove some ping logs * workaround for "ring expansion failed" error
0.47.117 Mar 2019 06:45 minor feature: Add FBTFT support . Add a FBTFT all devices. . Update to latest kernel. . uefi patch. . Update kernel config. . kernel config. . Latest MPTCP patches. . Latest MPTCP patches. . Latest MPTCP patches for kernel 4.14 and 4.9.
0.4504 Jan 2019 18:45 minor feature: Add wrt32x support . Update BPI-r2 patches. . support for latest 4.14 kernel. . Remove files not more needed for RPI3. . No need to add hostapd here. . and use master source for OpenWrt. . UEFI patch. . Remove mac80211. . . Remove packages not needed anymore. . Comment unneeded lines. . Add latest MPTCP 0.94 commmit. . Remove not needed BPI-R2 patch. . BPI-r2 memory size. . Add BPF_STREAM_PARSER. . Merge branch 'master' of
0.4415 Dec 2018 11:05 minor feature: default settings for latest kernel 4.14 . Add Linksys wrt3200acm config. . Add vfat and somes kernel settings. . RPI config. . Force MPTCP options. . kernel config. . kernel config. . Update RPI patches. . add kmod-ath9k. . Add again RPI led patch. . Not needed circle.yml here. . Not needed travis.yml here. . Remove patch applied upstream.
0.4229 Nov 2018 19:33 minor feature: Get all VPS keys and settings from VPS admin script * Set MPTCP VPS settings from OpenMPTCProuter * Better OpenMPTCProuter status page * uPnP/NAT-PMP support * Simplify SNMPd interface * Dynamic master route enabled by default * Bypass domains linked to a protocol * Add Bypass by IP source * Update to latest Glorytun UDP commit * Update to latest MPTCP commit
0.4114 Nov 2018 01:45 minor feature: sch_netem patch is now applied upstream . Update README. . Patch already applied upstream.
0.3617 Sep 2018 15:46 minor feature: * Update to latest MLVPN and simple-obfs version * Support Banana PI BPI-R2 Wifi * Add domain IPs when a domain is added to omr-bypass * Many fixes