PhotoFlare 1.6.7

Photoflare is a cross-platform image editor with an aim to balance between powerful features and a very friendly graphical user interface. It suits a wide variety of different tasks and users who value a more nimble workflow. Features include basic image editing capabilities, paint brushes, image filters, colour adjustments and more advanced features such as Batch image processing.

Tags editor raster-based
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

1.6.708 Mar 2021 03:15 minor feature: Image Opacity value not adjusting correctly. compression slider alignment. Paint Bucket tool not selecting colour from correct cursor position. Colour Picker tool not selecting colour from correct cursor position. the prepare file type code causing opening files. Added FileType detected to the Image Properties dialog. Added.pbm.pgm and.ppm to image files filter in OpenFile dialog. Added Spanish and Indonesian translations. Russian translation missing files from Windows portable version.
1.6.615 Nov 2020 21:45 minor feature: Warning dialog showing on uppercase image formats. Selecting Batch filters with no filter selected causes a crash. Eraser Tool setting should not be called Radius. Eraser Tool not making use of your secondary colour. With semi opaque images and filters. Crash if restarting the app via Preferences dialog and files are still open. Undo history not being cleared after closing a file. SprayCan Tool allowing 1 pixel as radius value. Smudge Tool allowing 1 pixel as radius value. File preview limits too small on NewDialog. Text size of zero being allowed in the TextDialog. Crash when using color threshold filter on smaller images. Crash when closing the TransparentDialog. Russian comment and Generic name added to Desktop file. Loading of local translation files. Flood fill not working with transparent image formats. Full Russian translation.