QtPass 1.2.3

Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With QtPass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files can be be organised into meaningful folder hierarchies, which can be shared with teams.

Tags password manager utility qt qt5 pass gpg git
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.305 Jun 2018 06:25 minor feature: Add support for OTP code generation on Linux as requested in #327 #394 (Noettore). Revert scroll bar changes #393 (destanyol). High Dpi Support. Works now under Windows and KDE/Plasma. #392 (hgraeber). Duplicate prein installation of tests directory in v1.2.2. #389. Compilation error on FreeBSD member access into incomplete type #388. No icons on macOS #377.
1.2.208 May 2018 12:25 minor feature: Clipboard clearing timer is not reset when new passwords are copied to the clipboard #309. Removal of files outside of password-store #300 #363 (FiloSpaTeam). Lots of and refactoring. #364 #376 #378 #381 #382 #384 #386 (FiloSpaTeam). make clearClipboard more robust #359 (lukedirtwalker). Multiple question marks while trying to delete password #385. No button icons and text in "menu bar" #383. Entire program is huge on High DPI screen on Linux #369. Parallel make in qtpass-1.2.1: ld: cannot find -lqtpass #350. No password entry prompt #343. Can't install on OS X Sierra #337. No icon on MacOS #333. Font and spacing used for URL links on right in main window absurdly large #329. QtPass don't display all lines with templates #273 #358 (lukedirtwalker). Update CONTRIBUTING.md #354 and add two entries in FAQ about the language #353 (5bentz). nested template argument list compile error #346 (martinburchell). Honor PREduring tests install #345 (SpiderX).
1.2.105 Jan 2018 17:25 minor feature: Insecure password generation #338 #342. Version 1.2.0 leaks passwords #334. When importing settings from 1.1.5 or older clipboard settings revert to No Clipboard #232. Add Catalan translation #336 (rbuj).
1.2.010 Nov 2017 07:05 minor feature: Many UX improvements #245 #259 #261 #254 (YoshiMan). Improved process management #249 #270 #271 #275 (tezeb). Extraction of library and main function #324 (tezeb). Feature/unit testing framework #257 and many more (annejan). Windows PRNG (treat1). Added sftp, ftps, webdav and webdavs as supported links #322 (cgonzalez).
1.1.603 Dec 2016 19:45 minor feature: Short fullname would hang QtPass keypair generation process for infinite time #202 . keygendialog email and name validition () #203 (dakk). Better seeder for qrand() as noted in #238 . Lookup validity field to check if keys are valid #201 (thotypous). View box no longer trimming whitespace #210 . QtPass starts by searching for -psn_0_12345 on macOS #213 . Allow ssh links #211 (cgonzalez). Increase maximum password length to 255 #209 (vladimiroff). Updated German Translation #206 (jounathaen). Better seeder for qrand() as noted in #238 . Italian translation #204 (dakk). Translated for Simplified Chinese. #208.
1.1.520 Oct 2016 09:45 minor feature: Allow ssh:// links #211 by @cgonzalez . View box no longer trims whitespace #210 . Increase maximum password length to 255 #209 by @vladimiroff . Full translation to Simplified Chinese. #208 . Password generation options and templates #207 #98 by @jounathaen. Updated German Translation #206 . Italian translation #204 . KeygenDialog email and name validation #202 #203 by @dakk . Lookup validity field to check if keys are valid #201 by @thotypous. a spelling error #200 by @innir . Windows build with Qt 5.7 (almost half the size now).
1.1.427 Sep 2016 13:25 minor feature: PREis now really a pre. Encoding, #131, #101 and #91 in #198 and #199 by @asalamon74 . Re-assign permissions when adding users #161 . French translations by @the-glu via https://www.transifex.com/ijhack/qtpass/ . Completed Dutch and German translations.
1.1.311 Jun 2016 16:45 minor feature: Clipboard now cleared when quitting or killing application #171. Wait till processes done on edit #177 . Hide content now works when using templates #160. Added warning started work on #161 #150.
1.1.105 Apr 2016 09:51 minor feature: Same name for file and folder #159 (fixed up-stream) Use --secure for pwgen and more configurable options #168 Some UI tweaks #158 Some translation updates #162 Remove Debian packaging #166 Clear text input: use system icon instead of x #84 Bind a key to the clear action #142 Flat icon bd742d6 for more modern look Minor cleanup and FAQ changes
1.1.026 Jan 2016 14:45 minor feature: qrand initialisation (used to generate predictable passwords) #129. System Icons on Buttons #124 . Doubleclick on treeView #124 . Updated config layout #124. Good (fallback) icons #143 . Translation and additions.
1.0.605 Jan 2016 03:16 minor feature: Updated german translation #125 #126 #134 . Qrand always generating the same sequence of passwords #129 . Deleted record can be retrieved. On-demand copy to clipboard feature #119 . Always on top feature #118 . Timer.
1.0.519 Nov 2015 06:45 minor feature: Auto hiding of content doesn't need clipboard 76dacca . Auto content hiding timer gets stopped when starting new task 1fa596d a8fa7b2 . Remove template widgets when starting new task 4e7ac13 . Using pwgen won't add a carriage return to password anymore #115 . Output of git commands won't (always) show in red anymore #111 . Tab order of templated fields is correctly set 2f9c6f7 . SingleApplication communication problem workaround 3fc1dc7 . Translation building system updated and further removal of duplicate and unneeded bits. Use example template format from passff as default 107dbff 5ec97c7 . CI building windows installer https://ci.appveyor.com/project/annejan/qtpass/build/artifacts.
1.0.404 Nov 2015 16:25 minor feature: Support for RightToLeft languages #108 . FreeBSD ed0093 7c26329 . Windows "hidden" folder. Minor cleanup work 4302cc0 f6d68f4 8b6a533 . Some work on the language creation/update mechanics 741c4b7 and other minor tweaks.
1.0.325 Oct 2015 03:25 minor feature: Spanish translations added #103 . Use pass show password instead of unsafe fallback pass password #105 . Get PREvariable from qmake or env #106 . Templating skips parsing colon in urls unless specifically added preto template.
1.0.225 Sep 2015 16:45 minor feature: modulus zero exception in password generation #102 . Installation preselection #100 . Made IP urls clickable by simplifying regex #97 . Added trailing newline if missing #93.
1.0.111 Aug 2015 10:25 minor feature: Correct focussing of filter input. Templates for password input. Show password title in in input window. Clear the text field(s) after X seconds. User list look and colour scheme. Auto push/pull options. Commit deletes to git #81. Git init of repositories #72. Yubikey Neo linux info added to FAQ #73.
0.9.130 Jul 2015 18:25 minor bugfix: pwgen and git options not available when not applicable. git removal of files (when applicable). Filtering of unusable keys in user dialog.
0.9.018 Jul 2015 18:45 minor feature: Now compiling with older C++ compilers (removed C++11 dependency). Now working with Qt 4.4+ (removed Qt 5.2 dependency). pwgen integration #68. minor clipboard related fix. Jul 2015 03:15 minor feature: Handle copying and hiding also when errors (warnings) occur #60 . Remember MainWindow position, size and splitter location #59 . Fixed nasty deadlocks and possibly other breakages with process handling #63 . Many small fixes.
0.8.415 Jun 2015 23:37 minor feature: Right mouse button actions Correct selection of file/folder actions Root folder actions Fixes after static analysis https://scan4.coverity.com/reports.htm#v19535/p11313 Many small fixes and some cleanup