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systemd is a service and process manager for Linux, also used as init deamon. It introduces a service and dependency description scheme, but also supports SysV and LSB init scripts to some extend. It parallelizes activation, and socket / filesystem / D-Bus event handling. It provides complex process status tracking and control frontends, a distinct logging facility, requires custom network and mount configuration.

Tags c init-daemon xinetd d-bus service-management
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases

22022 May 2015 06:25 minor feature: The gudev library has been extracted into a separate repository, * systemd now exposes a CPUUsageNSec= property for each, * Support for configuring alternative mappings of the old SysV, * The auto-mounter logic gained support for mount point, * The EFI System Partition (ESP) as mounted to /boot by, * New /etc/fstab options x-systemd.requires= and, * systemd does not support direct live-upgrades (via systemctl, * When systemd forks off a new per-connection service instance, * systemd-networkd gained support for uplink failure, * systemd-networkd gained support for configuring the DHCP, * systemd-networkd now has a per-network UseNTP= option to, * systemd-networkd gained support for vti6 tunnels. * Note that systemd-networkd manages the sysctl variable, * Many bonding and vxlan options are now configurable in, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --property= setting to set unit, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --private-users= switch to make, * systemd-nspawn may now be called as part of a shell pipeline, * systemd-nspawn gained a new switch to control the UNIX, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --overlay= switch for mounting, * When a container image is imported via systemd-importd and, * systemd-machined/systemd-importd gained support for btrfs, * systemd-importd now can import containers from local .tar, * systemd-importd gained support for verifying downloaded, * systemd-machined, systemd-logind, systemd: most bus calls, * systemd-shutdownd has been removed. This service was, * "systemctl reboot" gained a new switch --firmware-setup that, * "systemctl enable", "systemctl disable" and "systemctl mask", * The Gummiboot EFI boot loader tool has been merged into, * An EFI kernel stub has been added that may be used to create, * Optional support has been added to systemd-fsck to pass, * udev will no longer create device symlinks for all block, * A new (currently still internal) API sd-device.h has been, * A new hwdb database for storing metadata about pointing, * systemd-tmpfiles g
21913 Feb 2015 12:05 minor feature: Introduce a new API "sd-hwdb.h" for querying the hardware, * When any of systemd's tools copies files (for example due to, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --ephemeral switch. When, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --template= switch. It takes the, * When a .mount unit refers to a mount point on which multiple, * systemd now has an explicit notion of supported and, * machinectl gained support for two new "copy-from" and, * machinectl gained support for a new "bind" command to bind, * networkd gained support for configuring bridge forwarding, * A new tiny daemon "systemd-importd" has been added that can, * machinectl is now able to list container images found in, * machinectl is now able to clone container images, * networkd gained support for collecting LLDP network, * systemd-run gained support for a new -t (--pty) switch for, * tmpfiles gained support for a new "v" line type for creating, * The directory /var/lib/containers/ has been deprecated and, * systemd-nspawn when invoked with -M but without --directory=, * A new unit has been introduced that is, * machinectl gained a new "start" command, for invoking a, * systemd-nspawn will now mount most of the cgroupfs tree, * journald now sets the special FS_NOCOW file flag for its, * When journald detects that journal files it is writing to, * systemd now provides a way to store file descriptors, * The default TERM variable to use for units connected to a, * The /etc/crypttab option header= as known from Debian is now, * "loginctl user-status" and "loginctl session-status" will, * "loginctl session-status" without further argument will now, * An X11 session scriptlet is now shipped that uploads, * Generators are now subject to masking via /etc and /run, the, * networkd .network files gained support for configuring, * systemd-nspawn gained the --port= (-p) switch to expose TCP, * systemd-nspawn's --network-beth switch now gained a short, * systemd-nspawn will now maintain a per-image R/W lock, to, * systemd-n
21708 Oct 2014 03:17 minor feature: journalctl gained option -t/--identifier to match on the, * Services can notify the manager before they start a reload, * Services with Type=oneshot do not have to have any, * User units are now loaded also from, * A timeout for the start of the system can be configured. The, * systemd-logind can be configured to also handle lid switch, * A helper binary and a service have been added which can be, * systemd-evcat input debugging tool has been added. It will, * systemd-modeset graphics debugging tool will show undulating, * A user console daemon systemd-consoled has been added. It is, * Route metrics can be specified for DHCP routes added by, * SELinux context of socket-actived services can be set from, * Userspace firmware loading support has been removed and, * Timeout for udev workers has been increased from 1 to 3, * Udev rules can now remove tags with TAG-="foobar". * Readhead implementation has been removed. In many, * Swap units can use Discard= to specify discard options. * Docker containers are now detected as a separate type of, * The Password Agent protocol gained support for queries where
21620 Aug 2014 13:55 major bugfix: * timedated no longer reads NTP implementation unit names from, * systemd-sysusers gained a new line type "r" for configuring, * A number of bus APIs of PID 1 now optionally consult, * /etc/machine-info now has new fields for configuring the, * systemd-timesyncd has been updated to automatically acquire, * systemd-resolved now includes a caching DNS stub resolver, * A new NSS module nss-mymachines has been added, that, * A new client tool "networkctl" for systemd-networkd has been, * .socket units gained a new DeferAcceptSec= setting that, * logind learned a new session type "web", for use in projects, * timer units with at least one OnCalendar= setting will now, * systemd-nspawn's --network-veth= switch should now result in, * systemd-nspawn gained a new --volatile= switch for running, * The kdbus client code has been updated to use the new Linux, * systemd-networkd's DHCP client and server now support, * systemd will no longer inform the kernel about the current, * systemd-analyze gained a new command "verify" for offline, * systemd-networkd gained support for a couple of additional, * systemd-networkd's DHCP client will no longer request, * systemd-networkd will now set up IPv4LL addresses (when, * udev will now default to respect network device names given, * A new library systemd-terminal has been added that, * A new tool systemd-journal-upload has been added to push, * journald will no longer forward all local data to another, * journald now optionally supports the LZ4 compressor for, * machinectl now shows the IP addresses of local containers, * A new tool "systemd-escape" has been added that makes it, * sd_notify() messages may now include a new ERRNO= field, * A new component "systemd-firstboot" has been added that, * The default sysctl.d/ snippets will now set