uftpd 2.13

uftpd is a small FTP/TFTP server. No configuration files, no hassle, it just works!

Tags ftp tftp linux developers end-users system-administrators c
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1301 Jul 2020 07:05 minor feature: Unit test framework in place, with regression test for. Socket leak in daemon accept() handling causing "Too many open files". Effectively causing denial of service. Minor memory leak, only allocated once at startup. Affects only non-MMU systems.
2.703 Mar 2019 17:22 minor bugfix: Fixes issue when started with relative path to FTP root.
2.604 Jul 2018 18:25 minor feature: CPU when client session exits. Add missing include file for gettimeofday(). Flush stdout logging when running in the foreground.
2.506 Jun 2018 23:33 major feature: The VLC Android app release. Lots of new FTP features: ABOR, REST, EPSV, MLSD, MLST, DELE, MKD, RMD ... and it's a lot quicker too! :)
2.405 Sep 2017 01:25 minor feature: Handle non-chrooted use-cases better, ensure CWD starts with /. Increased default inactivty timer: 20 sec -- 180 sec. Ensure FTP PASV and PORT sockets are set non-blocking to prevent blocking the event loop. README.md updates, add usage section and improve build + install. CPU. Triggered sometimes when a user d CWD.
2.323 Mar 2017 17:05 minor feature: Add support for MDTM, modify time, some clients rely this. Add support for correct SIZE when in ASCII mode. Add basic code of conduct to project. Add contributing guidelines, automatically referenced by GitHub When filing a report or pull request. CPU caused by RETR of non-regular file or directory. Segfault on missing FTP home. Ordering in fallback FTP user handling, introduced in v2.2. Error message on CWD to non-directory. .deb generation and debconf installation/reconfigure.
2.215 Mar 2017 12:05 minor feature: Sort directories first in FTP LIST command. Make sure to exit all lingering FTP sessions on exit. Logging: reduced verbosity of common FTP commands. Logging: show client address on failed file retrieval. Full Debian/Ubuntu.deb build support, including debconf, asking user what services (FTP and/or TFTP) to run. Verify FTP/TFTP root directory is not writable by default. New option to allow writable FTP/TFTP root, disabled by default. FTP directory listings, was off-by-one, one entry missing. Spelling error in README.md. Install missing symlinks for in.ftpd.8 and in.tftpd.8.
2.105 Jun 2016 11:45 minor feature: Remove GIT submodules for libuEv and libite, these two libraries are now required to be installed separately. The output from uftpd -v now only shows the version.
2.0.102 Feb 2016 19:05 minor feature: Upgrade to libite v1.4.2 (GCC 6 ). IPv6 address conversion error, found by GCC 6. Make install of symlinks for in.tftpd in.ftpd idempotent. Check any existing in.ftpd and in.tftpd symlinks before ging out. problem of uftpd install failing on already existing symlinks.
2.025 Jan 2016 00:05 minor feature: Greatly simplified command line syntax. Run inetd services by calling in.ftpd and in.tftpd symlinks. Migrate to GNU configure and build system. Update and simplify man page. Build statically against bundled versions of libite (LITE) and libuEv. Update bundled libuEv to v1.3.0. Update bundled libite to v1.4.1. Do not allow VERSION to be overloaded by build system. Do not enforce any optimization in Makefile, this is up to the user. Minor to redundant error messages when running as a regular user.
2.0-rc120 Jan 2016 11:25 minor feature: Upgrade to libuEv v1.2.3. Upgrade to libite v1.1.1. Add support for linking against external libuEv and libite. Misc. README updates. Check if libite or libuEv are missing as submodules.
1.9.128 Sep 2015 16:05 minor feature: Upgrade to libuEv v1.2.3. Upgrade to libite v1.1.1. Add support for linking against external libuEv and libite. Misc. README updates. Check if libite or libuEv are missing as submodules.
1.923 Jul 2015 00:12 major bugfix: Bug fix release. FTP and TFTP sessions can now run fully in parallel, independent of each other. Also improved compatibility with Firefox built-in FTP client and wget.
1.802 Feb 2015 06:08 minor bugfix: Fix insecure chroot(), reported by Coverity Scan.