upsm 1.3.1

upsm is public domain, Qt-based ups monitor (front-end for upsc from Network UPS Tools). It sits at the tray and polls nut server using upsc, so you need to set up NUT first (ups.conf and other stuff). From the Settings of upsm you can define the command line for upsc (i.e. "upsc serverups@localhost" for example) and polling time period, in millisecond.

Tags ups monitoring voltage
License Public Domain
State development

Recent Releases

1.3.101 Aug 2017 17:22 minor feature: + Run minimized option * fixes
1.3.030 Jul 2017 16:56 major feature: + RU/EN manuals at Help page * fixes
1.2.022 Jul 2017 15:52 major feature: + Hide from taskbar option + new tray icon (represents INPUT over the OUTPUT values)
1.1.021 Jul 2017 10:57 major bugfix: + desktop integration + make install works * .pro-file fixes + app icon
1.0.014 Jul 2017 14:18 major feature: Initial release.