Zilog Z80 1.0.0

Zilog Z80 is a C++ shared library and frontend for emulating the like named home computer processor. It simulates all hardware pins of the Z80 chip (which was instruction compatible to the 8080), and comes with a CP/M 2.2. emulator accessible via telnet client. It also provides a disassembler and an instruction set examiner, a ZX-80 and TK-80 emulator.

Tags c++ library emulator virtual-machine hardware-simulator
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

1.0.011 Sep 2014 23:16 minor feature: Fix CPU Speed selection (TK-80, ZX81 emulation). Put Bus end Exception on seperated files. Remove conditionality from dissassembler (always included now). Z80 fix makefile version delegated to preprocessor.