BIRD 2.0.8 💾

BIRD is a dynamic IP routing daemon supporting both, IPv4 and IPv6, Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4), Routing Information Protocol (RIPv2, RIPng), Open Shortest Path First protocol (OSPFv2, OSPFv3), Babel Routing Protocol (Babel), Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), IPv6 router advertisements, static routes, inter-table protocol, command-line interface allowing on-line control and inspection of the status of the daemon, soft reconfiguration as well as a powerful language for route filtering

major feature: Automatic channel reloads based on RPKI changes, multiple static routes with the same network, use bitmaps to keep track of exported routes, per-channel debug flags, CLI commands show info from multiple protocols, Linux: IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthops, Filter: Optimized redesign of prefix sets, Filter: Improved type checking of user filters, Filter: New src/dst accessors for Flowspec and SADR, Filter: New weight route attribute, Filter: BGP path mask loop operator, Filter: Remove quitbird command, RIP: Demand circuit support (RFC 2091), BGP: New allow as sets and enforce first as options, BGP: Support for BGP hostname capability, BGP: Support for MD5SIG with dynamic BGP, BFD: Optional separation of IPv4 / IPv6 BFD instances, BFD: Per-peer session options, RPKI: Allow build without libSSH, RPKI: New ignore max length option, OSPF: Redesign of handling of unnumbered PtPs, OSPF: Allow key id 0 in authentication, Babel: Use onlink flag for routes with unreachable next hop, many bugfixes

GNU GPL internet networking router bgp rpki