OpenBGPD 7.0 💾

OpenBGPD is a free implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Version 4. It allows ordinary machines to be used as routers exchanging routes with other systems speaking the BGP protocol. The portable version (e.g. for Linux) does not have the means to influence kernel routing tables. It is only suitable for route servers/collectors.

major feature: Stop processing queued UPDATES when the max-prefix limit was reached. Improve negotiation for route refresh, graceful restart and multi-protocol capabilities. Correctly track 'rde evaluate all' and 'export' settings during reload. Properly withdraw prefixes when 'rde evaluate all' is used. Fix MRT handling on initial startup for message dump types. Fix and use non-blocking connect for RTR sessions. Fully implement RFC 6286 by checking for BGP ID collisions. Adjust the 4-byte AS number handling to RFC 6793 by changing error behaviour from prefix witdraw to attribute discard. In bgpctl print out both the sent "Neighbor capabilities" and the "Negotiated capabilities" for a session. Print timestamps both as a formatted and a pure time in seconds filed in various JSON objects.

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