PHP 7.0.7 💾

PHP is a scripting language primarily suited for web applications. It's organically grown into a full-featured programming language, with huge semantic progress in recent years (apart from the namespace separator choice). Many features and extensions come built-in or can be dynamically loaded. Database interfaces, XML processing, regular expressions, networking and broad internet protocol support, IPC, internationalization, image manipulation, filesystem, contemporary cryptography support, file

major bugfix: Core: Fixed bug #72162 (use-after-free - error_reporting). Add compiler option to disable special case function calls. Fixed bug #72101 (crash on complex code). Fixed bug #72100 (implode() inserts garbage into resulting string when joins very big integer). Fixed bug #72057 (PHP Hangs when using custom error handler and typehint). Fixed bug #72038 (Function calls with values to a by-ref parameter don't always throw a notice). Fixed bug #71737 (Memory leak in closure with parameter named this). Fixed bug #72059 (?? is not allowed on constant expressions). Fixed bug #72159 (Imported Class Overrides Local Class Name). Curl: Fixed bug #68658 (Define CURLE_SSL_CACERT_BADFILE). DBA: Fixed bug #72157 (use-after-free caused by dba_open). GD: Fixed bug #72227 (imagescale out-of-bounds read). (CVE-2013-7456) Intl: Fixed bug #72241 (get_icu_value_internal out-of-bounds read). (CVE-2016-5093) JSON: Fixed bug #72069 (Behavior JsonSerializable different from json_encode). Mbstring: Fixed bug #72164 (Null Pointer Dereference - mb_ereg_replace). OCI8: Fixed bug #71600 (oci_fetch_all segfaults when selecting more than eight columns). Opcache: Fixed bug #72014 (Including a file with anonymous classes multiple times leads to fatal error). OpenSSL: Fixed bug #72165 (Null pointer dereference - openssl_csr_new). PCNTL: Fixed bug #72154 (pcntl_wait/pcntl_waitpid array internal structure overwrite). POSIX: Fixed bug #72133 (php_posix_group_to_array crashes if gr_passwd is NULL). Postgres: Fixed bug #72028 (pg_query_params(): NULL converts to empty string). Fixed bug #71062 (pg_convert() doesn't accept ISO 8601 for datatype timestamp). Fixed bug #72151 (mysqli_fetch_object changed behaviour).

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